The Iconic Pole House

The Iconic Pole House

May 25, 2017 In Explore By Maria Rampa No comment

It is an unmissable icon on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, as you drive from Apollo Bay towards the Twelve Apostles, jutting out over the road towards the Southern Ocean and beyond at Fairhaven Beach.

Mired in controversy over the years, whatever you think about The Pole House, it can’t be ignored. Renovated from its original timber construction to its now sturdy steel and glass, it is available for rent to those with a passion for architecture and adventure. comes at a hefty price, so is it worth it?

I have been asked this question many times since I stayed at The Pole House during a recent summer vacation, so I will attempt to answer it here.

The Pole House is as its name suggests – a house, sitting on a pole. It is linked to the owners’ residence by a concrete and glass bridge which takes you into a cube of steel and glass. Whilst it is on the other side of the road to the beach, once inside, you feel as though you are floating over the sand dunes towards the endless sea. This, in itself, is unique. The décor is minimalist and caters for a maximum of two people. There is a bed, which folds into the wall, a settee, tv, small dining table and chairs, fireplace, kitchenette and a bathroom cleverly disguised as a central timber-clad cylinder.

It really strikes you as a great party venue, as the folding away bed and sparse furniture could all be removed to create a fantastic space for cocktails at sunset and partying well into the night. I don’t know if this is necessarily the owners’ intention however!

Fairhaven Beach itself is a wide and sandy expanse, with the Aireys Lighthouse at one end and a winding maze of walking tracks to keep you active during your stay. We spent many hours meandering along the beach at dusk and clambering along the coastal path during the day. There is also hang-gliding off the nearby cliffs, although a tragic accident just before we arrived made me shiver every time I saw someone launch themselves into the vast expanse of sky. The nearby surf club is lively and a welcoming place for families, and Aireys Inlet has a smattering of good quality cafes, restaurants and pubs such as Onda Foodhouse, a la grecque, the Aireys Inlet pub and Rogue Wave brewery.

Overall, I enjoyed my Pole House experience. Would I recommend it to others? If the novelty of staying in an architectural icon with a unique view ticks your travel box, then yes, go for it!

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