Melbourne’s Laneway Culture

Melbourne’s Laneway Culture

April 7, 2015 In Explore By Maria Rampa No comment

Only an unpretentious city like Melbourne could place some of its most outstanding restaurants down bin-cluttered, graffiti-strewn laneways! But as you head down those dark alleyways wondering what on earth will greet you at the end, rest assured that you will be in for a treat! You will taste some of the best food on the planet at restaurants such as the Spanish-inspired Movida and Movida Next Door, the up-scale Indian of Tonka, Argentinian San Telmo, Modern-Australian-French-Asian-fusion Coda, and Italian legend Rosa’s Kitchen – to name a few.

They say you can eat out every night in Melbourne and never go to the same restaurant twice, while experiencing every cuisine the world has to offer. Well, that may be the case, but if you only have a night or two, treat yourself to a walk down a eclectic alley to be delighted with what you will consume at the end!

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Mandatory Credit - Adrian Brown.Tourism Australia
Melbourne – Photo by Adrian Brown, Tourism Australia


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