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Life tips for Harry and Meghan in 2020

Life tips for Harry and Meghan in 2020

January 9, 2020 In Evvoke Experience By Maria Rampa 1 comment

We all know how Harry and Meghan feel. They’ve had the fab festive holiday overseas when life feels blissfully devoid of duty and routine. Lazy mornings munching breakfast in your PJs, walking hand-in-hand in the park, lunching at a bistro overlooking the sea, an afternoon nap, followed by a gin and tonic watching the sunset before a relaxing meal with friends and a Netflix binge late into the night. Aahh…if only every day could be like this.

During this time, like us, they have also reflected on the past year and made those all important New Year’s Resolutions. What will they be? Lifting more weights at the gym; replacing that evening wine with a cup of green tea; saving for the house reno; reading more literature and less social media; spending more time with people we actually like; and the piece de resistance – quitting that job we loathe!

Yes, Harry and Meghan we feel your pain.

But, as we know, the dark cloud of reality soon sets in. By about the middle of January we have realised that we can’t afford to quit our day jobs and live a life of unending freedom, even if we do intend to donate our time to charity. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed, a roof to secure over our heads. Add to this the fact that we also have to work throughout our ‘able’ lives to pay for our ‘non-working’ years which we know could see us alive and kicking to a ripe old age! Just look at Prince Philip!

How are Hazza and Megs  going to do it?

Well, I thought I would help them out with a few tips of my own. I hope this will be the kick-start they need to embark on their life of financial and boring-day-job freedom:

Turn Frogmore Cottage into the world’s most desirable Airbnb

How fabulous would it be to rent Frogmore Cottage for the annual hols? It’s in a great spot in Windsor Park, close to the historical Frogmore House and that famous castle, and a short skip into London. The frogs which gave the cottage its name would be a perfect attraction for families wanting to give their children a slice of environmental awareness.  There’s also a Mausoleum of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the grounds, providing riveting royal burial history to devour. Having recently undergone a 2.4 million pound (AUD 4.3 million) tax-payer funded renovation, I’m sure it would pass the Airbnb quality test and provide a steady rental income for the financially savvy pair. They could even add some Airbnb ‘experiences’ such as tours of neighbouring royal residences, littered with some juicy gossip about whether The Crown really is a reality show!

Set up a royal wedding planning business

When you’ve managed to pull off the wedding of the decade, I reckon you could easily set yourselves up as wedding planners du jour. Anyone with 32 million pounds (AUD 61 million) to spend on the day of their dreams could use the skills and resources at Megs’ and Hazza’s disposal to create an extravaganza to impress even the most cynical rellies. No guarantees on the British weather of course, but everything else from top-notch security, global tv coverage and arguably the world’s most expensive wedding dress, at 390,000 pounds (AUD 740,000) could be at your fingertips! It’s a no-brainer for every bridezilla out there.

Royal rags for hire

Speaking of dresses, Megs’ collection would make an enviable wardrobe for rent! Just think – you’ve been invited to a gala ball at Buck Palace and you don’t have a thing to wear. Voila! Megs comes to the rescue with a perfect little number, complete with bejewelled tiara. Hazza too has a mean line in military uniforms and suave suits. Just follow @sussexroyal on instagram to see a full complement. Oops – they may have to change that handle…

Jet-setting private tours

Megs and Hazza have oodles of experience traipsing around exotic countries in private jets, meeting important VIPs and attending exclusive soirees. Surely they could pull a few favours and set up some envy-inducing, ‘money can’t buy’ experiences for those whose bucket list is almost complete. Can you imagine the bragging rights? Shaking hands with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Africa, meeting Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Lion King premiere, or chilling, as the Sussex family did over Christmas and New Year, at a $13.26 million Canadian retreat on Vancouver Island. 

The possibilities are endless!

Tinder for wannabe royals

Theirs is the classic Cinderella love story of ‘commoner’ finding her prince. And there are many more 30 something single females out there who would love to swap their hand-to-mouth existence with a life of money and privilege. How did she do it? Come on Megs, you owe it to the women of the world to share your dating secrets. It’s time to create a Tinder for wannabe royals and give others the hand out and step up they need to be truly fulfilled!


So Hazza and Megs, this is my starting list…I’m sure I and others could come up with some more so maybe watch this space for updates! And – good luck – you might just need it.

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