Getting Around Australian Cities

Getting Around Australian Cities

April 6, 2015 In Explore By Maria Rampa No comment

Exploring a city via its public transport system is sometimes the most efficient way to get around, and a great way to connect with the vibe of an urban jungle, as well as feel like a ‘local’.

However, without a metro like London, Paris or New York, most cities struggle to create a user-friendly public transport system. But there are options, such as light rail, ferries, bicycles and trams which can contribute significantly to an accessible public transport system, and make visiting a large city a pleasure rather than a chore.  Integrated ticketing is a ‘must’, and most Australian cities now have a common ticketing system across buses, trains, trams and ferries, which makes travelling around a breeze.

In Melbourne and regional Victoria, the Myki ticketing system makes travelling easy. Purchase your card from any 7-Eleven store or other selected retail outlet, load on some credit and then swipe away on trams, trains and buses.  If you want to try out the iconic Melbourne trams, be sure to download the Tramtracker app to your smartphone to make getting from A to B a whole lot smoother. Journeys within the CBD are free!

In Sydney and some regional areas of New South Wales, an Opal card will enable you to travel on trains, buses, ferries and light rail. You can purchase a card from newsagents and other selected retailers, upload some credit, and then download an app – Arrivo Sydney, NextThere, TransitTimes+, Triptastic or TripView – to get yourself moving.

Brisbane also has an integrated ticketing system – GoCard – which can be purchased from 7-Eleven stores and other selected retailers, uploaded with credit and used on buses, trains, ferries and even CityCycles. Download the My Translink app on your smartphone and you are ready to go!

In Perth, your SmartRider card will transport you on buses, trains and ferries, and you can plan your trip on Transperth’s JourneyPlanner via their website.

So get on board, and enjoy the ride!

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Mandatory Credit - Adrian Brown.Tourism Australia
Melbourne Tram. Photo by Adrian Brown.Tourism Australia

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