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If you have visited Sydney before and want to get away from the usual tourist haunts, here are some suggestions to discover another side of this great city! Before you start, log onto The School of Life, Sydney, website to see what is on offer. A seminar on How to Communicate Better or How to
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I recently attended the funeral of a school friend which has inevitably led me to reflect on the brevity and sanctity of life. It was Steve Jobs who famously recited those words “stay hungry, stay foolish” to remind us that life is short, and we should live it with the vitality and courage of youth. My friend definitely
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Some places are hard to get to, but so worth the effort. A little town called Port Fairy, on the western end of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, is one of those places. Those who make the over 290 kilometres trek west of Melbourne, are rewarded with a quaint former fishing outpost, now gentrified into a
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Why we, inadvertently, chose one of the hottest weeks in January to hike 50 kilometres along a bush track jutting over the great Southern Ocean, I am not sure!  But nature is unpredictable, and I guess that is all part of the adventure. So, in temperatures which soared in the mid to late 30 degrees Celsius,
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We all crave a ‘local’. Somewhere you can go to eat, drink and socialise, where the staff know your name, where you always get a table, and where you feel ‘at home’. Even when we travel, finding that special place where we return time and time again during our stay, because it makes us feel
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