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There was something about my childhood, growing up in the endless boredom of Australian suburbia, that made me ache to travel. I had an early taste of it – with my father being Italian – so I knew there was more to life than spring cleaning the venetian blinds  on the Hill’s Hoist during the
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We are ensconced in our comfy bed, propped up on pillows, smugly enjoying the tranquility of our rainforest villa, when I see something small and brown, I suspect of a wildlife nature, sprint across the floor. “It’s a mouse!” I screech. “It can’t be,” my husband reassures me, which I know is just an excuse
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As if Sydney didn’t have enough temptations, along comes Barangaroo – it’s latest 22-hectare waterfront playground for working, living and enjoying life! Barangaroo sits just beyond the CBD, and takes this waterfront city’s working, living and entertainment precincts to another level. The area consists of three precincts – at the northern end is the Barangaroo
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The Australian outback is a vast place. You can choose to touch it lightly by air, or attack it with vigour by road. Or, there is another way to experience it – by gently caressing it through the romance of train travel. The Ghan Expedition offers such an experience. It follows the traditional route of
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It’s usually Melbourne that earns the title of urban fringe ‘cool’ capital of Australia, but Sydney is upping the ante. For years somewhat bereft of trendy, inner urban boutique hotels, preferring instead to proliferate in the bold and shiny, often chain establishments, a new opening has just taken Sydney up a notch. The Paramount House
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