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I’m ashamed to admit that it took a pandemic to get me to the red centre of Australia! Not that it hasn’t been on the bucket list FOREVER, but, like many avid travellers, there were so many other options, particularly across the seas in exotic faraway lands, to distract me from visiting the beating heart
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Our guest liasion officer welcomed us to our luxury Hamilton Island apartment, throwing open the French doors onto a green oasis overlooking an endless stretch of white sandy beach, complete with hammocks swinging beneath shady palms fringing a sparkling blue ocean. We let out the obligatory ‘aahh’ but then something else caught our eye. Could
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We all know how Harry and Meghan feel. They’ve had the fab festive holiday overseas when life feels blissfully devoid of duty and routine. Lazy mornings munching breakfast in your PJs, walking hand-in-hand in the park, lunching at a bistro overlooking the sea, an afternoon nap, followed by a gin and tonic watching the sunset
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There is a lot of hype about Puglia, or Apulia, as it is officially known in Italy. It is certainly having ‘a moment’ – purported to be the ‘new’ Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre – without the crowds. It’s become so ‘on trend’ that even Australian fashion designer-turned-property-developer Collette Dinnigan, and others like her, are
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Pavarotti’s gift of Italian opera to the world What is it about Italian arias that make us weep even when we don’t necessarily know why? As I sat watching the Ron Howard documentary, ‘Pavarotti’ recently, the tears streamed down my cheeks in perfect symphony with the maestro’s majestic voice. Was it the palpable emotion exuded
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Banner Image: Southern Ocean Lodge, Adam Taylor, Tourism Australia