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Another side of Sydney

Another side of Sydney

October 18, 2017 In Evvoke Experience By Maria Rampa No comment

If you have visited Sydney before and want to get away from the usual tourist haunts, here are some suggestions to discover another side of this great city!

Before you start, log onto The School of Life, Sydney, website to see what is on offer. A seminar on How to Communicate Better or How to Choose the Right Job for You, might just be the perfect way to spend a few hours at the end of an otherwise uninspiring day. Book into a class at their Surry Hills location, and head out for your day of adventure!

Paddington is one of those delightful inner fringe Sydney suburbs with oodles of charm and winding side streets lined with pretty townhouses in various stages of repair and disrepair, which offers lots of opportunities for comforting eating, strolling and idling away the day.

Oxford Street is the main drag, but as it is very long, you need to get focused on the best spot to hang out, otherwise you can waste valuable shopping and eating time walking in all the wrong directions.

Start your day with a quiet brunch at Morris Café in Albion Avenue. Set in a tree-lined precinct of renovated, lace-edged terrace houses, Morris provides a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle. Serving fresh, local produce and Five Senses coffee in a rustic, intimate interior with staff who smile and seem genuinely pleased to see you, it will set your spirits soaring from the ‘get-go’.

Satiated and ready for action, head to the intersection of Glenmore Rd and Oxford Street and surrounds, where most of the iconic boutiques are located, including Zimmerman, Mecca Cosmetica, Sass and Bide, Willow, and Scanlon Theodore. In nearby William St, head to one of Australia’s leading knitwear designers, Sonya Hopkins, concept store East43 or recycled designer accessories shop Pelle Shoes. On the way back towards Glenmore Rd, stop to admire the beautiful Paddington Town Hall, built in 1891, and if you need some rest and reprieve, pop into the Paddington Library for a relaxing read.

If you are hankering for an afternoon coffee or snack, Infinity Bakery on Oxford St is a good option, or if you are ready for something stronger, head to the newly renovated bar at the Paddo Inn, before your immersion in emotional intelligence at The School of Life, in Surry Hills.

Make sure you have booked a table at the Italian-kitchen-inspired Fred’s in Oxford St, Paddington, to complete your day of indulgence, and ensure you have a pit stop downstairs at the buzzing Charlie Parker’s before hitting the pillows!

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