Gourmet Trekking

There is something unique about being able to walk in  rarified locations, feel the utter spaciousness of an endless, star-studded sky, see animals up close in their natural environment, taste foods growing wild, engage with people in a completely relaxed environment and connect with your inner self.

Trekking provides this uninhibited experience – and more.

Not only can you walk along beaches for an entire day, but you can swim in azure waters so clear you can almost touch the fish at your feet. Not only can you hike up peaks to see the sun’s first rays greet the day, but you can snuggle up in a luxury tent and listen to the cacophony of nature’s sounds, by night.

And it isn’t just about the walking. Whilst you will feel invigorated by your daily trekking, at the end of your journey each day you will be greeted with a glass of wine and a gourmet three-course meal, by candlelight in a beach camp or in the surrounds of a luxury lodge.

Covering beach, mountain and outback locations, gourmet trekking is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Talk to us about how we can make this dream come true for you.

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Tasmania Trekking

gormet-trekking-feature-Kate Morris Photography. Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk

Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Great Ocean Road, Victoria. Member of Great Walks of Australia. Kate Morris Photography


Banner photo – Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania.  Member of Great Walks of Australia.