Coastal Castaways

There are a vast array of beaches to choose from around Australia and elsewhere, to satisfy any desire. Do you prefer walking for miles along a deserted, wind-swept coast or snorkelling in the calm, clear waters of a reef? Do you want to surf in a wild ocean or kayak in a gentle stream? Are you aching to slip your bare feet onto warm, white sand from the seclusion of your coastal hut or do you want to don your boots to hike along precipitous cliffs plunging into the sea?

coastal-castaways-feature-Adam Taylor. Tourism Australia

Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Part of Luxury Lodges of Australia. Photo by Adam Taylor. Tourism Australia

From trekking alongside the ocean, to snorkelling on a coral reef; from sipping a chardonnay overlooking a vast, misty coastline, to swimming with whale sharks or feeding friendly dolphins; from indulging in some retail therapy or pampering, to fishing for your dinner  – the choice is yours!

Your coastal castaway starts here – just ask us how!

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coast-castaways-feature-Naruyasu Nabeshima

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland. Photo by Naruyasu Nabeshima



Banner photo – Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland. Photo by Adrian Brown. Tourism Australia