Mind, Body and Soul

Taking time out of your busy life can sometimes be a logistical challenge! And the last thing you want to feel when you return home, and to your everyday working life, is exhausted, unsettled and frustrated. That’s why you may want to add some mind, body and soul nurturing into your life, so that your time away from the office becomes a journey of discovery, and progression towards greater health and well-being.

How about retreating to a mountain sanctuary for some fresh air, daily yoga or tai-chi, nutritious food, spa treatments and wellness workshops? Or how about learning a new skill, like sketching or painting, or undertaking some ‘life education’ seminars? Not only allow yourself to unwind and recalibrate, but challenge yourself to a change in how you eat, exercise, relax, think and feel about the present and the future. Connect with your inner being and discover how to live your life in a more healthy, enriching, satisfying and meaningful way.

Evvoke Bespoke Experiences can unearth the best mind, body and soul offerings in Australia and beyond. Contact us to find out more.

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Gorgeous Gaia

body-soul-feature-Mike Newling.Tourism Australia

Byron Bay, New South Wales. Photo by Mike Newling. Tourism Australia


Banner photo – Byron Bay, New South Wales. Photo by Mike Newling. Tourism Australia.