Australian Regions

At Evvoke Bespoke Experiences we are passionate about the vast, diverse country of Australia, and want to share it with you in the best possible way!

Australia is a big country – in fact it is the largest island in the world, and the only island-continent. It is the 6th largest country after Russia, China, Canada, the USA and Brazil. Most of Australia’s 22 million inhabitants are concentrated along the coastline in its major cities and towns, the largest of which is Sydney, with over four million people. This urban population hugging a vast coastline explains why the beach (and there are over 10,000 of them in Australia!) is a central part of the cultural landscape. Australia is also buffeted by three of the world’s great oceans – the Pacific, Indian and Great Southern – and is also blessed with a myriad of off-shore islands with their own unique characteristics.

But there is much more to Australia than beaches. Due to its large size and position close to both the equator and Antarctica, Australia hosts five diverse climate zones, from arid desert to tropical rainforest. This has led to a kaleidoscope of differing terrains, flora and fauna, all ripe for exploration and discovery! Combined with Australia’s rich Indigenous and ethnic history, this has also resulted in a diverse and enticing array of foods and wines.

To truly explore Australia would take months, if not years, but it is possible to have a taste of its diversity in a single trip. Deciding what you most want to enjoy is the first step. Is it beach or city? Outback or mountains? Islands or rainforest?

Whatever you decide, at Evvoke Bespoke Experiences, we can help you to formulate a travel plan that will tick all your boxes. To get you started, look through our overview of Experiences – Gourmet Trekking, Paddock to Plate, Luxury Lodging, Urban Jungles, Outback Odyssey, Coastal Castaways and Body and Soul, and also our Destinations and Packages. Contact us now if you need more help to plan your holiday of a lifetime!