Creating authentic, meaningful

Want to see a more
authentic side of the city?

How about fresh abalone off the rocks for a truly authentic experience?

What about celebrating your special moment
in a more authentic way?

Does dining alfresco tonight tick your
authentic box?

You wanted to meet the locals
in an authentic way?

Want to give your anniversary
more authenticity?

Evvoke a different kind of luxury experience

Bespoke experiences


Are you celebrating a milestone occasion? Are you wanting to create a meaningful interaction with colleagues, clients, friends or family? Do you want to have an experience which is authentic and life changing? Let us help you to create an experience which will achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

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Are you dreaming of that perfect holiday but you don’t know where to start? Are you tired of the usual tourist haunts and long to connect with the people, food, nature and culture of the places you visit? We can create an experience which will fulfil all your senses and leave an impression to last a life-time.

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Exclusive Tours

Evvoke has selected and created a number of bespoke tours which we believe provide you with the best options to experience a destination. From day tours beyond the city fringes for hen's parties, birthday celebrations or family gatherings, to customised itineraries in our second favourite country in the world - Italy - let us know your desires and we will make them come true!

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About us

Hi, my name is Maria Rampa and I am passionate about helping you to experience life in the most authentic and meaningful way possible, hassle and stress-free. I believe that experiences have the ability to enhance, transform, educate, relax, inspire and change you, and those with whom you connect, forever. If you feel the same, but are overworked and stressed, time poor or overwhelmed by information and decision-making, I can assist you to create the ultimate, authentic and transformative travel or event experience – whether it be for leisure or work.  I have selected and tested what I believe are the best options available for you to have a valuable and memorable experience. Whether your requirements are for business or pleasure; if you are celebrating a special milestone such as a birthday or anniversary; or just spending quality time with family or friends, I can help you to go beyond the ordinary, to connect meaningfully so that you experience an extraordinary inner, as well as outer, journey of discovery.  Be inspired by reading our services and blog, sign up to receive our newsletter, or if you would like help with customising your experience, contact me.
Evvoke Believes in..

Inspiring minds and hearts

Curating meaningful experiences

Creating intimacy

The art of conversation


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